Board of Directors 

The Zeta Lambda Education Foundation Board of Directors is ultimately accountable for the Foundation and has duties and responsibilities specified by its Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.  The Board brings a diverse range of experience from educators to business men to execute the mission and objectives of the Foundation.

Christopher P. Watkins - Chairman
Senior Acquisition Program Manager
Headquarters Air Combat Command
Langley AFB, VA

Brendan S. Watkins - Vice-Chairman
Vice President for Change Management
Bank of America
Charlotte, NC

Jerrold W. Roy, Ed.D - Treasurer
Associate Professor
Norfolk State University
Norfolk, VA

Jimmy T. Landrom, Sr. - Director

Claude Gist – Director
Department Program Chair
Everest College
Newport News, VA

Jarris L. Taylor, Jr., Ed.D - Director
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force 
Strategic Diversity Integration
Washington, DC

Kianga R. Thomas, Ed.D – Director 
Assistant Professor
Norfolk State University
Norfolk, VA

Brian L. Williams – Director 
Professor of Mathematics
Hampton University
Hampton, VA