MEGAGENESIS is the Zeta Lambda Education Foundation's implementation of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.'s national Go–To–High School, Go–To–College program. It is conducted annually in collaboration with Newport News Public Schools, Cooperating Hampton Roads Organization for Minorities in Engineering, and Denbigh Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

This event typically takes place on the last Saturday of February and consists of four major phases: 1) Corporate and Community exhibits that are on display to demonstrate to the students how various college degrees are applied in the business world as well as inform students of what is going on in their communities; 2) Recruiters from colleges and universities and professional programs participate in a college fair for the students; 3) A nationally or locally recognized motivational speaker talks with the student emphasizing the importance of goal setting and high standards and achievement; 4) Students have the opportunity to attend three different career workshops from an extensive menu, each representing a different profession. Practicing professionals are the presenters in the workshops, e.g., surgeons, engineers, veterinarians, psychologists, military officers, technologists etc.

This multifaceted program is embarking on its 19th consecutive year and continues to identify disadvantaged and at-risk boys and girls who possess the potential for pursuing higher education and becoming vital citizens in our community. This program is available to assist all students, regardless of academic standing, race, gender, or economic standing. Last year's "Go to High School -- Excel in College" program was attended by over 800 students and parents. They had the opportunity to see 26 corporate/educational/community exhibits, visited with 39 college and universities and profesional programs, and to attend three of 32 career workshops in law, medicine, science-engineering-technology, business & management, education, media-communications-music, and college success.